The A-Z of Cretan Food – Top Greek Foods to try in Crete

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Top Greek Foods to try in Crete

The Ultimate A to Z Guide of the Top Greek Foods to try in Crete

Would you like to know what some of the best and most traditional and Top Greek Foods to eat in Crete are? Here is a list from A-Z to help you decide what you will feast on

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First in our Top Greek Foods list is Bougatsa, an absolute must-eat product while you are in Chania. This is a favourite with the locals, especially first thing in the morning. It comes in two forms. The sweet version is filled with custard and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Also, there is a savoury version which is filled a cheese called myzithra. This version, in fact, can only found in Crete. One of the secrets that make the pastry so delicious is the use of oil instead of butter.


Second, on our list is the Cretan Boureki. This delicious dish is traditionally made by layering thickly cuts pieces of zucchini and potatoes with a cheese and mint mix. However, every household makes it slightly differently. For example, some like it to have a pastry crust on the top and the bottom of the pie. In contrast, some prefer pastry just on the top and others do not use a pastry crust at all. Although it may seem like a simple dish, the taste is really sensational. Especially when fresh market seasonal produce is used to make it.


Chochlioi Boubouritsi

Another popular dish in Crete is fried snails. These are tossed in flour, coated in extra virgin olive oil, topped with herbs, and doused with vinegar in a frying pan.


Next on our list is Dakos, A refreshing greek appetiser. Consisting of a large barley rusk, it is first topped with extra virgin olive oil, grated tomatoes and mizithra cheese (substitute feta and/or ricotta). Then a generous sprinkle of oregano and a Kalamata olive are added on top for a finishing touch. Despite the fact that it may look like a snack, Dakos will fill you up. Furthermore, it can also be turned into a salad by breaking the Dakos into smaller pieces and using chopped tomatoes instead of grated.

Would you like to make your own? Check out The Hellenic Odyssey’s own Greek Dakos recipe.

Chania Cooking Class

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This is one of our favourite Top Greek Foods and literally translates to wedding rice. This traditional rice pilaf is made using chicken or beef stock or even a combination of both. It is then finished with lemon juice and butter. The result is a velvety rich intense flavour. We like to serve it as a staple dish in every household as an entrée. Similarly, it is also served at festivals and wedding celebrations.

Cretan Rice Pilafi Gamopilafo

Greek Yoghurt + Honey

Crete is a large producer of dairy making yoghurt varieties readily available, from sheep to cow and to goat. We serve our Yoghurt with honey, walnuts and/or fruit.

Greek Yoghurt Walnuts Honey


To make our Kalitsounia we fill Fillo pastry parcels with any type of soft local Cretan cheese and/or wild greens and herbs. Moreover, the plain cheese Kalitsounia are delicious with a drizzle of honey on top.



As Greeks, we are known for these light, fluffy doughnuts which are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Traditionally, we like to serve them with honey, walnuts and cinnamon. However, in recent times you can also find them topped with Nutella or Bueno.


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A cheese similar to ricotta but made with goats cheese. It is extremely soft in texture and absolutely delicious.



Households will offer this shot of spirit as a welcome drink as a sign of their hospitality. Similarly, restaurants also offer Raki after a meal as an aperitif and as a sign of gratitude. Raki is a very strong spirit we make using the traditional evaporation method. To make it, we use leftover grape residue following harvest and winemaking. This is why even regular drinkers will struggle to have more than one shot of his fiery spirit.


A scrumptious pie from the mountainous region of Sfakia. This is a really thin flat pie which we fill with a small amount of cheese, lightly fried and topped with lots of honey.



A very traditional dish which we make from goat’s milk butterfat. In fact, Staka is a dish you will only find in Crete. Very much like a roux, we use Staka as a dip for bread. Or we can cook it with eggs and Apaki (similar to bacon).


A light pastry fluffy dough fried in olive oil, soaked in honey, and topped with sesame seeds or walnuts to delivery a super crunchy texture. Cretans love their honey so be prepared to have sticky fingers after eating these as there is no shortage of honey on them. Traditionally, we like to server Xerotigana at weddings or other special occasions.

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