Seitan Limania Beach Crete

Seitan Limania Beach Crete

Seitan Limania Beach Crete is a very special spot to visit and one that has only gained fame in recent times. It is located 22km from Chania, a town on the Greek island of Crete. It’s on the north eastern coast of the peninsula of Akrotiri. Seitan Limania, the bay of the famous beach known as Stefanou beach.

Stefanou beach is not organised and there are no facilities here. Make sure you bring everything that you will need, including lunch, snacks and water. There are no sunbeds or umbrellas but you might find some shelter beneath the cliffs and rocks.

The beach shoreline takes form from the wild winds that carry the sand and pebbles from the quarry above to the sea below. The name Seitan Limani, derived from the word seitan, meaning devil and limani meaning port, so essentially the ‘devil’s port’ .The name, originated from the dangerous waves created around the bay.

Large marble rocks protect the three narrow canals, known as inlets, from the wild winds. Another point to remember is that the beach is crowded because the shoreline is quite small. Finally, keep in mind that the landscape is rugged and untouched so to your surprise you may find wild goats roaming and posing for an Instagram selfie.

Years ago this beach only attracted locals who were brave enough to use the dirt road that leads here. Since the construction of the road to Seitan Limania, it is now one of the most popular beaches of Chania and very Insta-worthy because of its transparent vivid blue waters. Despite the road being made of asphalt, it is still quite scary due to steep blind spots.

Please note – Access to the beach

Follow the rocky dirt path, best described as a goats trail, to access the beach. It is a narrow stone and dirt track, without hand rails or proper steps.  Wear closed, suitable shoes and ensure a reasonable amount of fitness. You need to go down and then also come back up which can be difficult, especially in the summer heat. Therefore, make sure you have not forgotten anything in the car as it is quite the hike to do twice in one day.

If you are looking for an easier and quieter beach you may want to try Marathi or Loutraki Beach.

Accommodation Recommendations: Top hotels to stay at which are located right in the heart of Chania town are Kydon and Samaria.


Access By: Car

Beach Type: Sand and pebble

Natural Shade: No

Family-friendly: No

Facilities: No

Food & Drinks: No

Organised: No

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