Filo pastry making by hand in Crete

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Filo pastry making by hand in Crete

Experiential travel at its best while in Crete, watch filo pastry making by hand in Crete mastering the art of making phyllo pastry.

Travelling allows you to have cultural and culinary experiences, that you may not have seen in your own home town.

We were lucky enough to experience the art of filo pastry making by hand in Crete, Chania. Two brothers continue to make filo or phyllo pastry by hand using traditional methods.

There are not that many steps involved in making the filo pastry and the brothers make it look easy. After a while watching the pastry being handled you soon realise the labour and effort required. First they mke the dough using flour from Cretan Mills in commercial sized mixing bowls. Then they flatten it by putting it into a pastry roller. It is rested for a short time and then stretched in to large paper thin pieces before being cut into A3 sized sheets.

We hope culinary traditions like this get carried down to the next generation, so to preserve the authenticity of making phyllo pastry by hand, which is truly an art form.

These are the experiences we like to provide our guests with on our small group travel tours to Crete, Chania.

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