Greek Food Cooking Class Melbourne

Greek Food Cooking Classes

Greek Food Cooking Class Melbourne

We have been busy in the kitchen with our Greek food cooking class and want to share the fun with you.

We hope you enjoy the video highlights of our cooking class Melbourne and hope that it can inspire you to venture into the kitchen also. Cooking classes Melbourne are a great way to get together with friends, family and other like minded foodies and share the fun and love of cooking and eating as a group. What better way to enjoy a day then preparing and enjoying the delights that you create freshly made by you and your group!

Cooking Classes Melbourne

All our Melbourne cooking classes take place in person but we also offer online classes globally. We have a variety of themes from Greek biscuit baking, popular Greek Cakes or Greek food class which always incorporates a dessert also. Groups are kept small to create an environment where all participants can gain some hands on experience. It also provides the opportunity to ask questions and learn. However, we can cater for larger groups also as we have many venues that we work with depending on the group size.

Most of our cooking classes are based on the Mediterranean diet which relies on natural whole food likes legumes or wholegrains, dairy, olive oil, fruit and vegetables, eggs and a little meat.

We are happy to accommodate any requests, host a class at your venue or create a class specifically for your groups’ needs.

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You can also have a class hosted specifically for you and your guests. Please contact us so we can discuss your personal needs.

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