Cooking School Melbourne Interviews

Cooking School Melbourne

Cooking School Melbourne Interviews

Welcome to The Hellenic Odyssey kitchen! Here you can listen to our Cooking School Melbourne Interviews and podcasts.

We are truly passionate about what we do and love to share our knowledge and insights with the world.

There is nothing more that we love than to talk about food, create food and devour food.

Below you will find some radio and podcast interviews for your listening pleasure. In this audio clips you will get to hear us talking about Greek food and travel, our cooking school in Melbourne and our Crete culinary and cultural travel tours.


Anna M Presents with Kelly Michelakis (The Hellenic Odyssey) and food blogger Mina Italiano.

Anna M chats to Kelly Michelakis from The Hellenic Odyssey and regular food blogger Mina Italiano about all things good with eating, cooking and experiencing greek food and culture. A warning your mouth will be watering after listening to all the wonderful food you can eat, Listen here.


ΓΥΝΑΙΚΕΣ ΜΑΖΙ with Tina Adamopoulos | Kelly Michelakis

Kelly Michelakis brings people together to cook and celebrate Greek culture with The Hellenic Odyssey. She chats with Γυναίκες Μαζί host Tina Adamopoulos about her passion for Greek cuisine and online classes. Listen here.


A Taste of Greece, Tastebud traveller, Better Homes and Gardens

Kelly Michelakis of The Hellenic Odyssey joins the show to talk all things Crete and where to get the best Greek food in Melbourne. Listen here.



See all our classes both our online cooking and baking classes and our in person cooking classes in Melbourne here

Watch some of our Greek food and Greek travel videos here

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