Balos Beach Chania Crete

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Balos Beach Chania Crete

The lagoon known as Balos beach is located on the northwestern side of Chania on the island of Crete in the region known as Kissamos. Balos beach is located 51km out of Chania and it will take at least one hour and 15 minutes to get there, depending on whether you will drive yourself or board the ferry at Kissamos port which is 41km from Chania and it will take just over 45 minutes to get there.

Getting there

You must drive or get a bus to Kissamos port in order to board a ferry to get to the Balos beach lagoon. The ferry makes a stop at the castle first. You will need to allocate a full day for this experience. We do not recommend the option of driving there. The road that leads you to the lagoon is a dirt road and there are large rocks flicking up as you drive along the path. The road leads you to the top of the mountain in which case you will need to climb down to get to the beach and then back up again to leave at the end of the day.

If you prefer you can take an organised day trip through a tour operator instead of trying to get there yourself.


There are no facilities at Balos beach. Be prepared and make sure you bring everything that you will need for the day. If you take the ferry trip to Balos beach you will have the facilities on board the ship, including a wide variety of food, snacks and drinks to choose from.

The self-service bar is open throughout the cruise, offering a huge selection of traditional Cretan food and other Greek dishes including souvlaki, stuffed peppers and tomatoes, Greek salad, pizza and toasted sandwiches. Drinks include wine, beer, water, coffee and soft drinks.

Before disembarking the ferry in Gramvousa and Balos, you may want to purchase some drinks or snacks to take with you or rent an umbrella, for a daily fee of 4€.

It is also highly recommended you bring a hat, sunscreen and comfortable shoes.

Ferry Tickets and Prices to Balos Beach Chania Crete

(does not include food or any other additional items)

Children under 2 years old – Free
Children between the age of 3 and 12 – Price 13€
Passengers over 13 years old – Price 27€

You may purchase your tickets in Kissamos, from the following locations, on the day of your trip (depending on availability), by paying cash or using a credit card.

1. The main office (226, Iroon Polytechniou ) which leads to the port (free parking) – Telephone +30 28220 22888

2. At Kissamos port (Kavonisi), in front of the boats – Telephone +30 28220 24344 / 83311 (free parking)


Online and get your tickets from the ticket offices on the day of your trip.

Travel agencies
On the day of your trip you may provide the reservation documents provided by your travel agency and you will receive your tickets in exchange.

The ferry boats depart from Kissamos port for Gramvousa and the Balos lagoon daily from May until October.

Indicative timetable

10.20 – return to the port at 17.45
10.40 – return to the port at 18.00
12.30 – return to the port at 19.30 (during high season)
Please note: The timetable changes according the season.

Please obtain information from the ticket offices regarding the exact times of departure and arrival at the port (for information please call at +30 28220 22888/ 83311 or e-mail

Ferry stops

Kissamos Bay

The boat departs from the port of Kissamos, and sails for about an hour in the bay.

At the end of the bay, the boat will sail between the islet of Agria Gramvousa and Cape Vouxa (Trypiti). The landscape is breathtaking, against the backdrop of Valenti, Pontikonisi, Balos lagoon, and Imeri Gramvousa.

The boat will then approach Gramvousa island or Balos lagoon (depending on the itinerary) after about 20 minutes.


The boat will arrive at the small port of Gramvousa, where you will spend about 2 hours.

The landscape is spectacular. Here you will also see shipwreck.

At the highest point of the island, at an altitude of 137 meters, you will find the famous castle of Gramvousa, which was built by the Venetians in 1579., which you can visit it. It is crucial you wear comfortable shoes as it is a dirt and stone path and it gets quite slippery at sections.

If you choose not to walk up to the castle, many stay on board or swim in the beautiful bay.

Balos Lagoon

After the stop in Gramvousa, the ferry will depart for Balos lagoon, which will be reached after approximately 20 minutes, where you will have the chance to stay in this paradise for about 3 hours.

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Access By: Ferry

Beach Type: Sand

Natural Shade: Little

Family-friendly: Yes

Facilities: No

Food & Drinks: No

Organised: No

Balos Beach Chania Crete
Greek Beaches Balos Crete
Balos Beach Chania Crete

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