Greek Island hopping holidays food and travel Experiences

Let us, the Greek Island hopping holidays and Travel Experts, organise a unique Greek culinary and cultural experience for you based on your individual interests or for a group based on its specific requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs and the type of experience you would like to have. These experiences could vary from a small group travel tour in Greece, or Greek inspired events in Melbourne such as weekend gourmet retreat or food trail, food walking tour, cooking class. Or join an existing small group travel tour.


We can tailor your holiday in Greece to the the mainland or the Greek Islands to suit your individual needs, suggest additional day trips or excursions that you can add on at the start or end of a tour.

Other options are, we can also coordinate additional activities that may need a few more days of exploration.  Depending on your interests, we can consult with you to create a unique food and travel experience.

Having travelled extensively throughout the mainland and to over 25 of the Greek islands, we consider ourselves Greece travel experts. Although we focus primarily on the island of Crete, we have formed many direct connections with boutique suppliers all over Greece, placing us in a unique position to also provide tailored travel itineraries.

Here is a list of the Greek Island hopping holidays we have experience in:


  • Athens
  • Thessaloniki
  • Meteora, Kalambaka
  • Peloponesse & Elafonissos Island


Cyclades Islands

1.      Folegandros

2.      Milos

3.      Mykonos

4.      Naxos

5.      Paros

6.      Santorini

Sporades Islands

7.      Alonissos

8.      Skiathos

9.      Skopelos

Dodecanese Islands

10.  Astypalea

11.  Lipsi

12.  Kalymnos

13.  Kos

14.  Rhodes

15.  Simi

Saronic Islands

16.  Aegina

17.  Hydra

18.  Spetses

Aegean Islands

19.  Ikaria

20.  Samos

Ioanian Islands

21.  Corfu

22.  Ithaca

23.  Kefalonia

24.  Lefkada

25.  Paxi

26.  Zakynthos


27.  Crete Island





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What to expect from The Hellenic Odyssey personalised Greek Island hopping holidays?

  • Personalised food and travel experience
  • Authentic food
  • Off the beaten track activities
  • Itineraries based on your interests
  • Flexible not limited by time contraints
  • Slow paced travel
  • Local insight knowledge
  • Immersive events
  • Cultural, heritage tours
  • Greek Island expert information