Loutraki Beach Chania Crete

Loutraki Beach Chania Crete

Loutraki beach is located 17km from Chania, a town on the Greek island of Crete. It’s on the south eastern coast of the peninsula of Akrotiri.

Loutraki beach, is located very close to Marathi beach, (the two main tourist destinations in south east side of Akrotiri) and is similar  to Marathi in the sense that it is an organised beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, sheltered from the winds with a sandy shore and calm clear waters suitable for families with children. However in contrast to Marathi, there are only 1-2 options for food and drinks. You may want to consider bringing some of your own snacks. Finally, could buy some from the municipal market of Chania before heading out for the day.

To the right of the Loutraki beach you will notice a villa complex known as the Mare Nostrum. There’s a restaurant and a beach bar on the landscaped lawn space which is open for all to use, not just the residents of the complex.  Please note, on weekends and school holidays, Loutraki is a meeting point for young locals and the bar tends to play loud music to cater for them.

Nearby monasteries Agia Triada is 12km away and has a wine cellar, olive oil tastings and a museum . Similarly, Gouverneto also known as Kyria ton Aggelon meaning Our Lady of the Angels is 15 km away. The two monasteries date back to the 16th and 17th century and are steeped in history and are excellent examples of architecture.

Watch highlights from beaches around Chania, however please keep in mind that many of the beaches will require adequate travel time.


Access By: Car/Motorbike

Beach Type: Sand

Natural Shade: Little

Family-friendly: Yes

Facilities: Yes

Food & Drinks: Few options

Organised: Yes

Where to stay?

Marathi Oasis Villa

Studio Farmhouse

Villa Alas

Things to do

See Chania town on a Segway tour.

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