INTERVIEW: Yianni Stamatiou of Food Philosopher

Greek Food Supplier

The Food Philosopher is all about promoting Greek products to the Australian market that are of exceptionally high quality

I had the opportunity to interview Yianni Stamatiou. Based in North Perth, Yianni is a gourmet food lover and the owner of Food Philosopher which launched in 2018.

Below is the interview. If you want to know more about the Food Philosopher and the range of products, please visit the website.

How did the Food Philosopher come about?

The food philosopher came about out of a desire to supply products that boast authenticity and embrace Greek heritage. I have personally created an exceptional range of genuine, farm-direct, small-batch products. These products pay homage to my own rich childhood food experiences.

I develop a deep connection with each of the Greek country growers and producers. This is made possible through the regular travels to Greece to participate in the annual harvests. It allows me to bring the exceptional tastes of Greece’s finest produce, direct to Australia’s kitchen tables.

What was the motivation behind creating the Food Philosopher? What were you hoping to achieve?

The motivation for the project is founded on a passion to promote Greece’s wonderful, small-batch produce to a wider audience. With its unique microclimates and geography, Greece produces some of the highest-quality agricultural goods in the world. However, I believe that this fact is not fully appreciated by consumers outside of Europe and I am keen to change that.

The purpose is to assist smaller-tier Greek growers and the producers of high-quality products find international markets . Greek producers have faced distinct hardships over the past decade. Investing this capital directly into small, family-owned Greek businesses, is quite frankly the biggest reward of the project to date.

Each product has its origin and with it comes its own story. Could you tell us more about that and the type of products which have been most popular in the Australian market?

The Food Philosopher product range includes premium, small-batch sauces, olives, olive oil, craft vinegars, jams and more. Some of the most popular products to date include, the ultra-premium small-batch EVOO from the ancient trees of Koroni, the super-juicy ‘Black Diamonds’, which are all-natural, semi-dried olives from Kiveri and the heavenly pomegranate-infused white balsamic.

Where can the Food Philosopher range of products be found? Are they available Australia wide?

These products can currently be found in some of Perth’s top gourmet food stores including The Boatshed Market, Fresh Provisions, The Herdsman, Floreat Market and Taylor Road IGA. Alternatively, products can be purchased online with delivery Australia wide.

In an exciting development, recently, the Food Philosopher has teamed up with Melbourne-based food distributor Alpha Logistic to bring an initial selection of this gourmet range to Melbourne. Please direct enquiries regarding stockists to


We use these product in many of our recipes.

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