INTERVIEW: Biolea with Chloe Dimitriadis

Biolea Crete

Interview with Biolea with Chloe Dimitriadis

I had the opportunity to interview Chloe Dimitriadis of Biolea. Below is the interview. If you want to know more about Chloe and the estate or connect with her, you can contact her via the website

Could you please tell us in a few words about your background and how you came to be a part of Biolea?

Our family, from my father’s side, has been cultivating the same olive trees in the village of Astrikas for 6 generations.  My father, Yiorgos, travelled and lived abroad in Canada where he met my mother. In 1993 he decided to come back to his roots and take over the family olive trees. It was then that he created our company Biolea.


Our company has modernised the traditional process of making olive oil. That is, the process of stone milling and cold pressing. A process which has mostly been abandoned these days due to it being very labour intensive.  Our philosophy is based on keeping our production method very simple. We want the least amount of processing in order to maintain all the health properties and flavours of the original olive fruit. At the same time, preserving the environment with an extremely sustainable production method and cultivation practices.  Our production is single estate, which means that we control every aspect, from cultivation of our olive trees to production, bottling and marketing of our products.

Biolea Crete

What are some of the culinary products that Biolea is famous for that are unique? 

Our lemon and bitter orange “Nerantzi” flavoured oils are especially interesting. We make them by milling the entire fruit including its peel, all of which are organically cultivated. This all goes into the stone mill with the olives in order to achieve a very natural and subtle flavouring in the olive oil. In addition, we also produce handmade, cold processed olive soap with traditional essential oils such as cedar, pine, jasmine, and lavender.

Olive oil Biolea
Stone Mill Press

Are there any local places you recommend?

As for destinations, we have excellent wineries close to our olive mill. These include Karavitakis , Manousakis and Anoskeli Wineries.An expert inCretan wines and wineries is Anna Maria from Chania Wine Tours.  We also have the ancient olive tree which is 200 years old. This is located in a village not too far from where we are, called Vouves.  There are excellent restaurants close by including our new Biolea cafe wine bar that we just opened right next to our mill!  There is a honey producer in Kasteli who does tours called Stathakis Family.

Biolea Astrikas
Cretan culture Cretan Dancing

Why should a traveller to Greece consider the island of Crete for a visit?

Crete is the ideal destination for someone who wants to see and eat a little bit of everything. Crete offers beautiful beaches and island vibes with fresh fish and seafood. Dramatic mountainous scenes with hearty meals traditionally made with fresh herbs from the mountainside!  Cretans love showing off their hospitality and sharing their traditions with visitors to their islands! Be prepared to eat a LOT of olive oil!

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