Guest Speaker on Better Homes and Gardens podcast, Tastebud Traveller

Better homes and gardens podcast tastebud traveller

Better Homes and Gardens podcast, Tastebud Traveller Guest speaker

Here is the information on our recent Better Homes and Gardens podcast.

We are so excited to be able to speak with on the Better Homes and Gardens newest podcast, the Tastebud Traveller.

Each week Julia Zaetta and Ben Alcock interview various guests who are considered experts in a particular travel destination. We feature in the episode, A Taste of Greece.

In this episode, we spoke about all things Greek food and travel but in particular, Cretan food and culture. We gave some options of hidden gems to visit. We spoke about the things that we are passionate about and we feel makes Crete an unique destination to visit. Not only is the largest of all the Greek islands but we also feel that it has something to offer for every type of traveller.

Top 3 Off the beaten track experiences in Crete…

1. Visit a traditional fillo pastry making workshop to see filo pastry being made by hand in a traditional way

2. Visit one of the oldest olive trees in the village of Ano Vouves in the Kolymvari region in Chania. The exact age of the tree cannot be determined. Estimated between 2000 – 4,000 years old. Try a harvest experience in Nov-Dec

3. Visit a village in the township of Theriso, close by in a neighbouring village Drakonas in the countryside region of Keramia you will find Ntounias. Paddock to plate concept but cooking in a traditional way, in clay pots over fire, it is a spectacle as you can see the food cooking right in front of you

Furthermore, we share our recipe for Cretan Dakos and a quick an easy way to turn yoghurt into a refreshing dessert.

lastly, provide our top three off the beaten track experiences to enjoy in Chania, Crete.

Here are the links to the episode notes and the podcast.

To listen to all episodes visit the Tastebud Traveller site.

Better homes and gardens podcast tastebud traveller

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