Greek Islands to Visit

Best Greek Islands to visit

Greek Islands to Visit

One of the most frequently asked questions in forums and online travel groups is, “Which Greek islands to visit”? The truth is, all the Greek islands are beautiful and have something to offer for every style of traveller. Whichever Greek island you end up choosing you cannot really go wrong. Choosing the right Greek island to visit really depends on what you are looking for and what your interests are. Do you want to visit the top attractions and destinations that Greece is known for, are you looking for a nature holiday, do you prefer slow paced travel, are you looking for a quieter island experience, are beaches or mountains more important to you,  are you a family travelling with young children or are you on your honeymoon.

Which is the best Greek island for me visit? Ask yourself.

  1. Is it all about fun on the beach and water sports? Consider Milos or Crete.
  2. Are you travelling with children? Consider Crete, Corfu, Milos, Naxos or Rhodes.
  3. Is a party island on your list? Consider Mykonos or Ios.
  4. Are you a couple looking for a couples destination? Consider Santorini, Milos or Crete.
  5. Do you want to see museums, castles, churches and historical sites? Consider Athens, Rhodes, Kos or Crete.
  6. Are you looking for more off the beaten track experiences? Consider Symi, Kastelorizo or Ithaki

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Our Greece travel guides below may also help you decide which Greek Islands to Visit.


Many trips to Greece, start with landing in Athens. We recommend spending a couple of days in the heart of Greece as there is so much to see and do.

See our Athens Travel Guide with the top 30 things to do and see.


From Athens, many travellers will venture of to begin their Greek Island hopping holiday. As a first time traveller often visitors will have 2-3 islands on their list and usually from the cyclades group of islands which includes destinations such as Santorini and Mykonos.

See our Santorini Travel Guide 


For families and couples travelling to the Greek Islands, we recommend looking at islands that still offer lots to do but are more orientated towards activities that involve safe beaches, good food, towns and villages to explore nature and enjoy walks. Such Greek islands are quieter then the main tourist hot spots and easy to navigate with a hire vehicle.

See our Milos Travel Guide and our Naxos Travel Guide


Looking for lush green islands that still offer amazing beaches and delicious food.

See our Corfu travel guide


The largest of all the Greek Islands there is so much to see and do here that Crete could be a holiday in itself. You will really need to spend some time here to explore. We recommend visiting the West cost and staying in the Chania region with a day trip to Rethymno.

See our Crete Travel Guide


Best Greek Food to try in Greece

Crete Food Tours

Chania Food tour
Heraklio Food Tour

Food videos from our Crete tours


Ferries schedules in Greece. Most ferry companies issue their schedules for the summer season in March of that year. Seajets issue their schedule towards the end of the year prior to the summer season. Hellenic Seaways has co-joint with Attica Venture and now trade as Blue Star. They issue their schedule early in the year for that summer season.


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Let us, the Greek Island hopping holidays and Travel Experts, organise a unique Greek culinary and cultural experience for you based on your individual interests or for a group based on its specific requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs and the type of experience you would like to have. These experiences could vary from a small group travel tour in Greece, or Greek food walking tour, wine tour or cooking class. Or join an existing fully escorted guided small group travel tour.


  • Personalised food and travel experiences
  • Authentic food
  • Off the beaten track activities
  • Itineraries based on your interests
  • Fully flexible not limited by time constraints
  • Slow paced travel
  • Local insight knowledge
  • Immersive events
  • Cultural & heritage tours
  • Greek Island expert information


We can tailor your holiday in Greece to the the mainland or the Greek Islands to suit your individual needs, suggest additional day trips or excursions that you can add on at the start or end of a tour. Depending on your interests, we can consult with you to create a unique food and travel experience.

Having travelled extensively throughout the mainland and to over 25 of the Greek islands, we consider ourselves Greece travel experts. Although we focus primarily on the island of Crete, we have formed many direct connections with boutique suppliers all over Greece, placing us in a unique position to also provide tailored travel itineraries.

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