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At The Hellenic Odyssey. We offer a range of memorable Greek Food Cooking Classes and Events because there’s no better way to connect with family and friends than over a sumptuous meal. 

About Our Greek Food Cooking Classes

Our food events and cooking classes are based on the flavours and aromas of authentic Mediterranean Greek cuisine. This way you will learn about the ingredients, cooking techniques and of course, the wonderful health benefits the Mediterranean diet is so famous for!

Greek food is not only about sharing food and passing down recipes taught from grandmothers and mothers but it also ensures the recipes are not forgotten. It also follows deeply seeded traditions that imply that one’s home is a welcoming and hospitable environment which is open to all. That is why this class is not just about what we eat, but how we eat. It is for that reason that we will prepare and consume everything together as a group. After that you will get to take all the leftovers home.

Our Greek Cooking Classes let you be a part of the experience. However, if you prefer, you can just sit back, soak up the atmosphere and watch the magic happen.

Some of our fondest memories involve food because of the strong sensory relationship we have with it. For example the flavours and aromas, the textures and the visual appeal of beautifully presented dishes are linked to the sweetness, the piquancy, the crunch and all that is part of this banquet we call life.

At The Hellenic Odyssey, we look forward to connecting with you and creating fond culinary memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our cooking classes are conducted by Kelly from The Hellenic Odyssey, a passionate Greek home cook with a proud heritage.

Our Greek Cooking classes are private cooking classes which take place in your home within the Melbourne metro area (20 km radius) or at our professional cooking class facility.

We are able to cater for children at these events if they are accompanied by an adult and over 15 years old.

In the western hemisphere, traditional Greek and Mediterranean food are often used interchangeably, however, technically they are not the same. Mediterranean food, generally speaking, is very similar among many countries in that region, with some small differences. So essentially, Greek food is Mediterranean by definition.


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