Greek Cooking Class

Greek Cooking Class Melbourne

Greek Cooking Class and the Mediterranean Diet

Our recent Greek Cooking Class took place. It was such a privilege to be invited by Cooking on the Bay to host this Class. The participants were so eager to learn about Greek food and very engaged in the class. They participated in the hands on class, learning to make Batzarosalata (beetroot dip), Fava (yellow split pea dip), Kalitsounia (cheese pies) made using handmade fillo, Cretan Dakos (barley rusks) and Pastitsio (pasta dish). For dessert Melomakarona (walnut biscuits) and Greek Yoghurt dessert.

It was such a fun class filled with eager participants who were so willing to learn about Greek food, culture and traditions. Together we prepared all the food and then sat down in the beautiful dining room of Cooking on the bay. Overlooking Port Phillip bay to enjoy lunch with a glass of wine and freshly made bread that Tania had prepared earlier. By seeing others make dishes rather than just reading off the recipe you are able to learn by experience. Also a lot of Greek food goes by feel or sight so it’s great to see it all being prepared in front of you. Then once everyone has prepared the dishes we can then ask questions and exchange the knowledge we have acquired over the table. Cooking brings people together and creates a sense of community. Besides who doesnt love eating!

Cooking with others in a group environment makes the experience fun. It also allows for participants to be able to learn about a variety of dishes as they observe others making them right next to them.

You can also try making some of these dishes at home. Here are the recipes for the Melomakarona and Dakos.

We have also included a video with the highlights from the day for you.

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