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2019 Crete small group travel tour dates released.

Crete small group travel tour.  Now running with a number of different tours to suit a variety of groups, from women only tours, to seniors tours, over 50’s, solo travellers and those tours open to all. We have a variety of dates available. You can also enquire about certain dates for your group only, as we may be able to accommodate your specific dates. We have tours from 4 to 8 days with most activities and meals included. We are also offering walking food tours that go for 3 hours in the town of Chania. These tours are for those that are only visiting for a short time and would like to see the city from the eyes of a local. Our tours allow you to indulge in food and take part in activities that the locals enjoy.

With out tours, our aim to expose you to experiences that you would not normally be able to find on your own, as they are slightly off the beaten track.

Join us to learn all about Crete’s culinary and cultural delights. Our tour focuses on the Western side of Chania.

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