Cooking Class in Melbourne

Cooking Classes in Melbourne

Cooking Class in Melbourne

Our cooking class in Melbourne and all over the world have been so popular and well received, that we have been featured in many publications.

These publications have featured our recipes, walking food tours and culinary travel tours. Including our cooking classes online and in person, background on our Cretan heritage and our aims for the promotion of Greek culinary and cultural preservation.

We love nothing more than sharing the love of Greek food with enthusiastic and eager participants. Foodies who love to learn about new cuisines and cultures. Culture also incorporates values and traditions associated with that cuisine. You get to learn as you are guided by an experienced home cook.

Read the below articles to gain more of an understanding about our values, insights and experiences running a cooking school and classes. Classes are held both in person in Melbourne and online all over the world. You get to learn more about us and our intentions in promoting Greek cuisine and the Mediterranean diet.

We travel extensively throughout Greece and know many of the hidden gems that are worth visiting which are off the beaten track. Having learnt about our cuisine by living in Greece, we picked up some unique local and regional recipes to share with you.

You are invited to be transported to Greece through our food and travel articles.


News publications about our Cooking Class in Melbourne:


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Feb 2021 – Koulouri is the taste of Greece, no matter where you are


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2020 – Inspiring People Around the World to Cook Greek

2021 – Unique Flavours of Cretan Cuisine


Greek City Times

Dec 2019 – Preserving the art and cultural tradition of filo pastry

Feb 2020 – A quest to put Greece on the culinary map


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April 2020 – Recipe feature

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