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Amigdalota Greek Almond Biscuis Recipe

Amigdalota Greek Almond biscuits Amigdalota Greek almond biscuits are traditional Greek biscuits that are full of flavour yet consist of very few ingredients. This makes them very appealing to make as a quick and easy treat. The texture on the outside is crunchy yet on the inside they are quite soft and almost chewy like […]

BLOG: How to elevate the sensory experience of food, starting with the humble Greek Salad?

Greek Salad Recipe Greek Food

About the Greek Salad Greek Salad deconstructed. Ever wondered why food tastes better in other countries? The Greek Salad is one example. The Greek salad has been around for a long time. Today, we see many variations in Australia and all over the world. In fact, the Greeks themselves argue over what should and shouldn’t […]


Halva Greek Semolina Custard Halva – Greek Semolina Custard recipe. There are a few different Greek halva varieties. This version uses semolina as its base. Here is the recipe for my grandmother’s halva. Everyone, and when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE loves it. Halva is a semolina based dessert, with very few ingredients but […]