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Fasolakia Green Bean Casserole

Fasolakia green bean casserole

Fasolakia Green Bean Casserole Here is the recipe for Fasolakia Green Bean Casserole. This is one of the dishes we commonly make in our cooking classes. It always surprises me how popular it is considering its simplicity. I think what makes it so appealing is the flavour it gives out with the use of only […]

Rizogalo Greek Rice Pudding

Rizogalo Greek Rice Pudding Recipe

Rizogalo Greek Rice Pudding Here is the recipe for Rizogalo Greek Rice Pudding. It really is a very simple yet delicious dessert. The trick however is that you need time to slowly cook the rice so it infuses in the milk mix. You want the rice to still retain a little texture but to also […]


Greek Dips

PATZAROSALATA – GREEK BEETROOT DIP How to make the popular Patzarosalata Greek Beetroot Dip? Ingredients 500g baby beetroot with leaves (do not dispose the leaves) 300g yoghurt ¼ cup walnuts, chopped 30mls olive oil 20mls vinegar Salt Optional: Feta  to serve with the steamed beetroot leaves Method:  Remove the leaves from the beetroot and wash […]



Melomakarona Greek honey biscuits Melomakarona Greek honey biscuits. How to make the best Greek biscuits that are easy, delicious, coated in walnuts and honey syrup Melomakarona are traditional classic Greek biscuits. They are made with flavours of orange, cinnamon and walnut making them very aromatic and full of flavour. The biscuits are cooked and then […]


Kourambiethes Greek Butter Biscuiits

Kourambiethes Greek almond shortbread Kourambiethes Greek almond shortbread are Greek biscuits that melt in your mouth and we have the recipe for this almond shortbread just for you! You can now make these at home and eat them soon after they come out of the oven. Nothing beats freshly baked biscuits. These mouthwatering buttery biscuits […]