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Maroulosalata Greek Lettuce Salad

Maroulosalata - Greek Lettuce Salad

Maroulosalata Greek Lettuce Salad Here is the recipe for this Maroulosalata Greek Lettuce Salad. It is a very easy salad to make. It is refreshing and light and goes very well with summer feasting menus and proteins like fish or chicken. You can make the salad in advance but do not dress it until just […]

Petimezopita Grape Molasses Cake


Petimezopita Grape Molasses Cake Here is the recipe for Petimezopita Grape Molasses Cake. A light but full of flavour cake for those who love the flavour of grape molasses and sweet spices. Grape molasses also known as grape syrup or petimezi. This cake is made with petimezi, and is sure to please. Enriched with sultanas, […]

Stafidopsomo Raisin Bread

Greek sultana bread

Stafidopsomo Raisin Bread Here is the recipe for Stafidopsomo Raisin Bread. Nothing compares to the aroma of freshly baked bread and especially with the addition of dried fruit. Sultanas or raisins mixed with orange zest and cinnamon is a naturally sweet and fragrant combination. If there is one product that is generally always stocked in […]

Mirmigato Chocolate Sprinkle Cake


Mirmigato Chocolate Sprinkle Cake Here is the recipe for Mirmigato Chocolate Sprinkle Cake. A crowd pleaser of a cake…! The cake that derives its name from ants, mirmigia. Ants travel around everywhere in a scattered fashion, making paths all over the place. This is what the baked sponge cake looks like with its chocolate sprinkle […]