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Cooking Class in Melbourne

Cooking Classes in Melbourne

Cooking Class in Melbourne Our cooking class in Melbourne and all over the world have been so popular and well received, that we have been featured in many publications. These publications have featured our recipes, walking food tours and culinary travel tours. Including our cooking classes online and in person, background on our Cretan heritage […]

Cooking Classes in Melbourne

Greek coffee

Cooking Classes in Melbourne Welcome to The Hellenic Odyssey kitchen, our happy place! We are one of the most reputable cooking schools in Melbourne that provides cuisine specialisation. We provide cooking courses in Melbourne, both in person and online cooking classes. Online cooking classes in Melbourne are not just for Australians, as our cooking classes […]

Corporate cooking classes Melbourne

Corporate Cooking Classes Melbourne

Corporate cooking classes Melbourne Corporate cooking classes Melbourne are a fun and interactive way to connect. Are you looking for an exciting team building event that is a little different, fun and interactive? Bring your group together for a memorable and deliciously satisfying cooking class. Whether you are looking for an online or in person […]

Cooking Classes Melbourne Online

Melbourne cooking classes online

Cooking Classes Melbourne Online Did you know that we provide for both in person and online cooking classes in Melbourne? Our online cooking classes can in fact take place from anywhere in the Australia. Online cooking classes are a great way to bring together people, teams or groups that are dispersed in different states. It […]

BLOG: How to elevate the sensory experience of food, starting with the humble Greek Salad?

Greek Salad Recipe Greek Food

About the Greek Salad Greek Salad deconstructed. Ever wondered why food tastes better in other countries? The Greek Salad is one example. The Greek salad has been around for a long time. Today, we see many variations in Australia and all over the world. In fact, the Greeks themselves argue over what should and shouldn’t […]