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About my story

About The Hellenic Odyssey. I feel the need to tell you my story so far…

I think back to the ‘thing’ that has constantly been there, floating quietly in the background, it has always been food, travel and connection.

When I was in primary school I’d go to the library and borrow cookbooks for kids. When there’s a special occasion, I bake something that requires effort. This is my way of showing thoughtfulness and care.

As I got older though, I started to take health and fitness very seriously. I stopped cooking for the love of it but rather saw it as just fueling my body with the right food. I’ve been involved with body sculpting and fitness photoshoots in the past; I even did a shoot in Santorini this year. My focus is still very much on food but it has shifted towards that which is healthy and nourishing. My Greek heritage had led me to follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.

When I returned from living in Greece for a year and a half, I was adamant I wanted to work in a kitchen. I was lucky enough to be given that opportunity. However, I soon realised that this was hard work. So I sadly neglected the idea two weeks into my trial.

About the food, travel and connections

I soon came to the realisation that every time we travel, even if it is just for a weekend away, I will always research activities and eateries in the area to ensure we don’t miss out on a unique experience. That is also why I love visiting farmers markets and local shops so much, you never know what you will find. I search for authentic and off the beaten track experiences. When we were living in Greece we visited many small islands with very few inhabitants and it was such an amazing journey to have experienced. We would stay on each island for as long as we needed and then board a ferry to the next island we were drawn to. It was the epitome of what freedom meant to us. We visited places like, Simi, Kastelorizo, Astypalea, Ithaki, Lipsi and Ikaria.

I am generally more of an introvert so travelling mindfully and slowly like this was perfect for me. Luckily, I am married to an extrovert; bringing us in absolute harmony. I like deep and meaningful conversations that look at psychology and sociology. Why does that person act, feel, think or do the things they do, where does that stem from? I look for ways to connect with people on a deeper level.

My dream now is to share all the things that I love with others. Food, travel and connection. I want to share the island of Crete with travellers longing to interact and feel like they are travelling among friends. This is the driving force behind The Hellenic Odyssey. All my experiences and actions have brought to me to this point; the realisation that cultural and culinary travel tours with a focus on real connection is what I am MEANT to do; it brings together all my LOVES into one!

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The Hellenic Odyssey

When I started The Hellenic Odyssey I wasn’t very clear on the direction I would go in. I made contact with a lot of people who ultimately contributed to where I am now. It is because of their wisdom, advice, conversation or support that I now have clarity. When I was trying to build my Instagram page, someone pointed me in the direction of well-known Instagram influencers with extremely large followings to get ideas and guidance from. I even went out and bought tiles and props for food photography and started looking into presets and photoshop to make my grid look appealing.

That proved to be very hard work and really not what I was about. I’m not a chef or a photographer or a stylist. I am not creative. I realised that this direction was not me and I was not being true to myself. So I decided to continue with Instagram from a perspective of just being me and expressing my real thoughts as best I could. No props, no lighting. Just content that is meaningful and purposeful. The same applies to the blog.

I want to build The Hellenic Odyssey from the ground up and from a place of heart! I believe things happen organically; especially when you are in the ‘flow’. Things simply work better when you are passionate; everything seems to make more sense.

I welcome you to The Hellenic Odyssey and invite you to contribute wholeheartedly.

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