2019 Olive Harvest – Olive Wellness Institute at Cobram Estate Boundary Bend


Olive Oil Harvest at Cobram Estate

In May we visited the Olive Oil Harvest at Cobram Estate. We were so honoured to be a part of this experience. We were invited by the Olive Wellness Institute to visit Boundary Bend makers of Cobram Estate olive oil. It was a truly amazing experience to visit this beautiful part of Victoria. We also had the opportunity to learn about the cold pressing processing method of Extra Virgin olive oil. Lastly we were told about the vast health benefits of this liquid gold. We were also treated to a delicious fresh vibrant lunch provided by the very talented in house chef. We were flown by a private plane that departs from Essendon to the Boundary Bend location. From there we arrived at the estate. We were then taken to the groves for a tour while olives were being picked and then toured the facilities.We were able to see the whole process from the very beginning. From the collection of the olives, to the delivery of them via trucks to the mill, what happens when the olives arrive at the mill, sorting, washing, drying and then processing into oil. We event got to sample some freshly squeezed olive oil. Now that is not something you get to experience everyday. Then it was back to the venue for a delicious long lunch which of course featured olive oil in all of its courses.


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