Welcome to The Hellenic Odyssey, a project created from the heart, driven by a passion for food and inspired by a love for travel

With a proud Greek heritage, we are driven by philotimo (a Greek word translating to “filos” meaning friend and “timi” meaning honour). For us, it simply means to do the right thing and to give to others.

As the Greece Food and Travel Experts, our aim is to expose you to Greek food through our Melbourne cooking classes and through our travel tours to parts of Greece which are off the beaten track. We focus mainly on Crete; with its authentic food, hospitable locals and rich culture.

We see it as our duty to add value, meaning and connection to the events and experiences that we offer you and a duty to ourselves to keep our heritage alive for future generations.

Whether it is through our online content, our Melbourne walking food tours in Oakleigh, our Greek food cooking classes in Melbourne, our private Greek cooking classes or our Crete small group travel tours, we want you to experience a truly extraordinary Hellenic Odyssey. We also welcome you to join our Facebook group community.

Kelly & Zen

Philotimo to the Greek is like breathing. A Greek is not a Greek without it. He might as well not be alive.” – Philosopher, Thales of Miletus.

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Crete Greek Island Tour Specialists

Our tours are immersive cultural and culinary travel experiences.

The experience will allow you to leave behind your everyday routine so you get a proper chance to reset and reconnect. By travelling with like minded people in natural surrounds, you can get inspired and focus on the things you truly want.


“The aim is to have a journey of authentic experiences and genuine connections…”